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Policy on safeguarding personal information

When we provide services to our customers, we at Interlink safeguard their important information. We have an obligation to properly use and manage any private information that specifies individuals, such as their name, address, or telephone number. For that reason, we carry out the initiatives below, and declare that we will continue to do the following:

  1. Regarding the collection, use and supply of personal information
    We established a system for safeguarding and managing personal information. We have established regulations on the appropriate gathering, use, and provision of that information, and abide by these regulations.

  2. Observance of laws and regulations pertaining to personal information
    We are constantly conscious of laws and regulations pertaining to personal information, and abide by their stipulations.

  3. Safety measures for personal information
    We take reasonable precautions and corrective action against risks associated with personal information, including the improper access, disclosure, loss, destruction, altering, or leaks of personal information. In this way, we guarantee that personal information will be kept safe and accurate.

  4. Correspondence to complaints and inquiries
    We correspond to complaints and inquiries as we set down the company policy to support.

  5. Continuous improvement of efforts to safeguard personal information
    In order to take steps to appropriately safeguard personal information, we constantly strive to improve our compliance program.

Date revised: February 1, 2012
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Chairman: Shigeru Takemoto

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