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Development & Integration & Support
ICT Services

We provide a full range of support and services for both Internet and client-server systems. Not only do we provide project consulting, but we can also build, introduce, develop, operate, and maintain your system. We can also provide a help desk and conduct call center support, providing security services and training activities as necessary.

–System integration
We provide a host of integrated services?from hardware installation and software setup to network layout, or from project design for network-based systems to maintenance operations.

–Software development
Design, development, maintenance, and application for programs written in a variety of programming languages, including Java, Visual Basic, Visual C, COBOL and the like. Our programs can be for open source or control systems as well as general-purpose machines. In addition, we can develop systems specialized for tasks related to monetary circulation and goods distribution. Our role can vary from partial to total involvement, including being permanently involved in operations.

–System operation
We support all aspects of system operation, from data input and operation to troubleshooting and backup.

–Training support
Training and guidance on manner of operation, basic knowledge, setting procedures, and use of personal computers (computer literacy).

–Network Solutions
Design and construction of networks, building of infrastructure for all manner of networks, construction of all sorts of groupware, construction of mobile net.

–Trials and quality evaluation
Quality evaluations of all sorts of consumer goods, including mobile phone terminals and photocopying machines.

–Technical Support
Both in-house and off-site phone, fax, and email support to help clients with problems using their computers.

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