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Effective Sales Promotion & Events
Sales Promotions

We offer planning and creation of company information in the form of catalogs, posters, or POP focusing on an effective mix of PR literature and paper-based media geared to the Internet or events.

–Everything related to sales promotion
・Market research as well as design of advertising and sales promotion planning
・Design and creation of graphics (including newspaper and magazines advertisements, catalogs, posters, POP, DM, company brochures, and VI).
・Design and creation of video-clips (including video software and CD-ROMs)

–Exhibitions and events
・Planning and carrying out of events, marketing campaigns, and events.

・Planning, design, editing, and administration for all kinds of magazines, PR literature, and in-house literature
・Design, writing, recording, and editing of annual reports and white papers
・Carrying out, event coverage, and recording of all kinds of seminars and presentations.

–Various advertising media
・Nikkei BP, Impress, Ascii, Softbank Publishing, WEDGE, etc

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