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Effective Sales Promotion & Events
Sales Promotions

We offer planning and creation of company information in the form of catalogs, posters, or POP focusing on an effective mix of PR literature and paper-based media geared to the Internet or events.

–Everything related to sales promotion
��Market research as well as design of advertising and sales promotion planning
��Design and creation of graphics (including newspaper and magazines advertisements, catalogs, posters, POP, DM, company brochures, and VI).
��Design and creation of video-clips (including video software and CD-ROMs)

–Exhibitions and events
��Planning and carrying out of events, marketing campaigns, and events.

��Planning, design, editing, and administration for all kinds of magazines, PR literature, and in-house literature
��Design, writing, recording, and editing of annual reports and white papers
��Carrying out, event coverage, and recording of all kinds of seminars and presentations.

–Various advertising media
��Nikkei BP, Impress, Ascii, Softbank Publishing, WEDGE, etc

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