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Web Service

We provide a wide range of services, including introductory consulting, planning, and creation of Internet and intranet homepages; web contents building and distribution management for famous company websites; handling broadband and the provision of various services following site opening, including renewal and contact center services.

–Web Plannning, Proposal, and Consulting
Provision of consulting services from planning and proposals for the basic website concept to definition of requirements and scheduling of operations.

–Specifications and Design
Site map, specifications decisions, system design, and contents creation.

Creation of site design, FLASH creation, HTML contents, system development, provision of infrastructure.

–Website Management
Revisions to homepage, establishment of an executive office, dispatching of personnel, analysis of site access conditions, feedback

–Web Mail Order
We also develop unique Interlink-style web mail order systems based on our past experience and positive results.

–Plannning, Building and Evaluation of Mobile Contents
We can exhibit our expertise in the building of i-applications and contents management. In addition, we perform various evaluations, including compatibility with NTT's DoCoMo, SoftBank, and au.

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