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We at Interlink consistently support our client's work in accordance with their needs. Our services range over all aspects of the software process, including the design, development, sales, introduction, and support of in-house package software. And using our abundance of expertise, we provide a comprehensive services solution, including localization of overseas package software, package sales agent tasks, support, and help desk services.

–Design, proposals, and sales of in-house package software

- We suggest optimal solutions according to our clients' needs.
- Through the design, consultation, and sales of package software designed in-house, we assist in our clients' work.

–Localization of software from abroad

- We localize foreign packages software into Japanese.

–Providing sales agent, support, and help desk services.

- In addition to serving as a sales agent for package software in the capacity of a partner business, we provide comprehensive services, including support and help desk tasks.

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